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Catching Cupid’s Arrow  – How to attract the suitors you desire and stop relying on luck when online dating


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Six Week Program 

Have you been unlucky catching cupid’s arrow?  Have you been thinking about giving online dating a try, but have no clue where to start?  Or maybe you have been dating online for some time with poor results?  Well this series is for you!   I will guide you through the online dating process from start to finish.  From creating the perfect profile to finding compatible suitors, I will teach you how to successfully navigate the complexities of digital dating.  My tried and true methods have led me to everlasting love, now it’s your turn!

Week 1
Preparation is Key: Getting into the Right Mindset for Online Dating– Provides guidance on how to ensure you are ready for online dating, choosing the right dating site for you, managing your expectations, and making a true commitment.

Week 2
Putting Your Best Foot forward: Setting up your Online Dating Profile– Will take you through the process of setting up a flawless online dating profile that will put your best foot forward, represent your true self, and attract compatible suitors.

Week 3
The Unwritten Rules: The Do’s and Don’ts when Dating Online – Now that you have set up an extraordinary profile, it is time to get to it!  I will reveal the psychology of online dating and improve your chances of interacting with the most viable candidates.

Week 4
Catch and Release: Who to take to the next level – Just like dating offline, you need to make the right choices in where to direct your efforts.  I will help you determine where to devote your attention so that you stop wasting your time and spend your energy meeting Mr. Right not Mr. Right Now.

Week 5
Etiquette Lessons: How to Interact with Digital Suitors- Making connections online should be the fun part!  I will help you stop stressing about making digital connections, and give you tips on how to go from “hello” to “where should we meet!”

Week 6
From Online to Offline: Navigating the In-Person Dating Process– Moving from online to offline can be tricky.  The comfort that you have built up in the digital world does not always translate to dating in person.  Let me help make this transition easier by offering sound guidance regarding dating in person.

$125 for six weeks includes recorded sessions and handouts for you to refer to at any time!

Check Back Soon for the Next Series!