We LEAD Empowerment Podcast Feature with Dorcey Kuti

Mental Health encompasses your emotional, psychological and social well-being.  It is the foundation of your very being including your thoughts, feelings and actions.  Your daily behavior, relationships, and performance over time are all determined by your mental health status.  There have been increasing discussions and acknowledgement of the impact of mental health on our lives and functioning, however have these conversations been fruitful?  Have they been inclusive of those with lived experience and allowing them to share their stories and engage the masses?

This is where Dorcey Kuti comes in.  Dorcey is the founder and lead publicist of Gazelle Media Group, who knows a thing about living and coping with mental health issues.  She has been dealing with anxiety and depression for almost half of her lifetime, and has personally experienced effects on her personal and professional life.  However, instead of letting things get her down or cower in silence, she has decided to use her past and her story as a platform to aid and educate others in a real and transparent way.

Despite the explosion of narratives and conversations regarding mental health in minority communities through social media and media outlets, Dorcey saw a vast gap in the resources available for women like her that had struggled with and looked to conquer mental health issues. She felt that it was essential to fill this void and to provide support, awareness, knowledge and empowerment to not only women who are dealing with anxiety but also women who are dealing with depression, PTSD, bipolar disorder and any other mental health condition that has been stigmatized.

An article written in the Huffington Post (2014) (Source), talks about the high rates of depression among African American women and low rates of treatment. As a woman in business that stood out to Dorcey “We are the fastest growing group of entrepreneurs in America but the least likely to seek medical help for mental health.”

The article and living as a witness of its truth inspired her to create what she wanted to see and in July of 2017, We Lead Empowerment Podcast was born (We LEAD Empowerment).We Lead is an acronym for Women Entrepreneurs Living Everyday w/Anxiety & Depression and provides a platform of support and knowledge through discussions and interviews with Women Entrepreneurs.  These women LEAD by bringing awareness of mental health, especially among women of color in business, and provide solutions on how to manage it.  This podcast is creating and bringing together a community of women to give them a voice all while reducing the stigma of mental illness.  It is not only revolutionary; it is necessary.

“It is essential in 2018 that we continue to have this conversation, all year long, and equip our women in business, who may be suffering in silence, to live their best life.”  For more information on Dorcey Kuti and the We LEAD Empowerment Podcast, follow Dorcey on Instagram @gazelle_strategist and the podcast @weleadempowerment.

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