Dr. Gathing specializes in relationship, health and wellness subjects, helping individuals and families uncover their best selves.  She tailors her engagement topics and length of presentation to the needs of her clients, and focuses on building a healthy foundation for healing and transformation.  


 Dr. Gathing has helped many audiences and organizations including:



Suggested Speaking Topics 

Changing the Game: How to Thrive in Life by Making Your Own Rules

Keynote, 90 minutes

Society has encouraged us to live by a certain set of guiding principles that you haven’t defined for yourself.  It is time to change the game and thrive by making your own rules!

Dr. Gathing will help you understand how to define your own rules and live by them so you can:

  • Discover your own inner voice
  • Uncover the subliminal messages guiding your behavior
  • Resist acceptance of the labels and false messages that others attempt to impose
  • Navigate your journey of self-discovery
  • Identify what fulfills you
  • Do more of what you love, and less of what you don’t

This no-nonsense discussion will provide you with realistic and hands on tools to apply in your daily life to bring about positive changes.  You will learn how to flourish and live life to the fullest.


Teaching Children to Love: A Guide for Creating a Loving Child

2 Hour Workshop 

There is no perfect way to parent, but there are tried and tested methods for preparing your child for the world.  The most important skillset to add to your parenting repertoire is that of teaching your child how to love, but it is one that is often overlooked or underappreciated.  

Dr. Gathing will equip you with the expertise that you need in order to:

  • Acquire a framework for approaching the parenting role
  • Define love in a context that prepares you to instill loving principles in your family
  • Create a healthy, loving relationship between you and your child
  • Identify and avoid patterns that negatively impact your child’s development of a healthy self esteem
  • Model suitable behavior in relationships with self and others to promote appropriate relationship intelligence for your child  
  • Learn strategies to transform everyday life experiences into teaching tools

This workshop will impart techniques that guide you in creating a loving individual out of your child, and demonstrate how you can teach love daily in your home.


Learning to Let Go: How to Overcome Your Obsessions and Find Peace of Mind

Keynote, 60 minutes

We love to think that if we plan things just right or think of every detail, that everything will go right for us.  That if we just work a little harder or look a little better, that we will finally be happy. The truth is that these anxious thoughts are often what hold us back from reaching contentment.  It is time to let go of these obsessive thoughts and find peace!

Dr. Gathing will provide the tools you needs to:

  • Discover the relationship between your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors
  • Identify your obsessive automatic thoughts and maladaptive habits
  • Examine the role of high expectations, insecurities, and mental distractions in your life
  • Uncover the effect obsessive thoughts have on your life
  • Learn strategies to change your mindset and create peace of mind

This enlightening conversation with help you to understand the impact your thoughts have on your life and identify simple changes that lead you to tranquility.

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