You deserve to have love in your life.

You’ve always been the good girl. You consider yourself a great catch, but you’ve got no good prospects in sight. Maybe you’ve landed a man, but you haven’t landed a proposal – yet.

  • You’re frustrated. You give everything to the men you date, but you still haven’t found what you want.
  • You’re exhausted from trying to meet to your man’s needs all the time.
  • You’re depressed. All you want is love and affection, but nothing you’re putting out there is getting you back what you want.
  • As always, you’re dreading the moment when stores start stocking up for Valentine’s Day, like you need another reminder you’re alone.
  • You’re over being so perfect all the time! It’s too much work, and it’s not getting you anywhere.

You need a system overhaul! What has being the good girl ever gotten you in your love life? A pint of ice cream and a bottle of wine on a Saturday night? Say goodbye to your old habits and try on something NEW.

  • Imagine attracting the man you’ve always wanted, who worships the ground you walk on.
  • Imagine feeling free to be yourself in a fulfilling relationship.
  • Imagine understanding the science behind attraction, so that you can reel in the man of your dreams.
  • Imagine stepping into your power as a woman, all while alluring the kind of man who’s looked past you your entire life.
  • Imagine letting go of your need to be a perfectionist and embracing your bad girl side!

Ditch your good girl and get The Bad Girl’s Guide to Love! Embrace your inner bad girl with this on demand, video course. 

Being a “bad girl” isn’t about being promiscuous or aggressive. It’s about embracing your confidence, having the guts to try new things, loving yourself enough to demand respect and refusing to please others at the expense of your own happiness. 

Here’s what you’re going to accomplish when you master the skills in this course:

  • Rank yourself on the Good Girl Assessment to find out if you’ve allowed the lack of love in your life to take away your feminine power
  • Learn the science behind attraction so you can pinpoint how to snag the love of your life
  • Develop new habits to liberate your inner bad girl
  • Create your relationship bucket list – no standard is TOO high! You deserve to get what you want.

I’m Dr. Ayo Afejuku Gathing: board certified psychiatrist, health and relationship expert, author and loving wife. My expertise in the field of psychiatry has informed my passion and perspective for modern relationships, parenting, career planning and usage of technology.  

I was the classic “good girl” for the majority of my life. I tried to be as close to perfect as possible, making sure that everyone around me was taken care of before I considered what I wanted. After a five-year relationship, I found myself moving to a new city, for the wrong man who said the only reason he was with me was because I was nice. It was at that moment I knew, that I needed to ditch my good girl ways, find my voice and allow myself to start focusing on what I deserved.

Using the tactics that I will share with you in this course, I transformed my personal life and my professional life. Now, I’m married to the man of my dreams and my career has shot to new heights! 

It’s time to STOP trying to be perfect in service of someone else’s needs. 

This is your opportunity to learn how to embrace your bad side and venture to live the life you’ve always wanted!

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