Amazon Prime Video’s ‘Modern Love’ Delves Into Mental Health

Amazon has a hit on their hands. The new series, Modern Love, recently premiered on Prime Video. The show is based on the beloved New York Times column “Modern Love’ and brings to life stories about the ups and downs of love inspired by real persons. Also examined in these complicated life scenarios is mental health conditions, including social media obsession, anxiety and mood issues. Not always in your face, but present.

One particular episode, ‘Take Me as I Am, Whoever I Am’ starring Anne Hathaway, is a touching tale of a hot shot lawyer who is unlucky in love. Her bright, charismatic personality is matched by her beauty in the opening scenes and we are left with excitement as we watch what should be an amazing love story.

That is when the curtain is drawn and we get to see behind the scenes. Missed work. Days in bed. A messy apartment. What the hell? Where is the protagonist we were growing to love? Oh wait. A glimpse. There she is, the woman we fell for in the beginning. Energetic, focused and goal oriented. She is gonna get the guy! Uh oh, she’s gone again. Tears. She’s stuck. Nooooo he’s right outside. Pull yourself together. But she can’t. Because some things are out of your control.

Hathaway gives us all she has when playing Lexi, a woman with bipolar disorder that is trying to find love and make her mark on the world. However, she is in a closet of her own making as she has told no one in her life about her condition; left to struggle alone. All of the ups and downs, the descriptive narrative and dramatization of her emotions leaves you floored and affected.

It makes you wonder if any of the people in your life are secretly struggling. Or maybe someone you met and dismissed or decided not to know. Dying inside, eaten away at by a life that is too much to handle alone. It took one brave conversation for Lizzie to learn that someone would care about her and support her for who she is. Not scared off or put out by the roller coaster of emotions or inability to foresee her own future. A breakthrough.

The lesson from the episode is clear. Accept and love yourself for who you are. Whoever you are, even while you are figuring that out. And share that person with the people in your life. The ones that can handle it will stay. Will care. Will support you. The ones that can’t, won’t. And that’s okay. Lift the weight off your chest. Do not feel ashamed. Share your story and yourself. And love, be that of friends, family and/or a romantic partner, will follow.

‘Modern Love” is streaming now on Amazon Prime Video.

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