All Things Online Dating and Mating with Damona Hoffman

Have you been dating online with limited success or numerous horror stories?  If so, this episode is for you!  No more losing at love or blindly swiping.  This week, certified dating coach, radio host and TV personality Damona Hoffman gives her amazing tips and tricks for winning at online dating and discusses her top rated Dates and Mates with Damona Hoffman Podcast on iHeart Radio.  She has shared her knowledge with the masses as a host and relationship expert on FYI Network’s#BlackLove and A+E’s A Question of Love as well as numerous television and print media, and now she will now join us to drop some knowledge about online dating.

More on Damona Hoffman at or Instagram and Facebook @damonahoffman. Don’t miss out on her FREE workbook The Texting 10 Commandments for singles or Relationship boot Camp for couples which can both be downloaded from her website!

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